Get offline

As an entrepreneur for more than 16 years I have always worked too much, worrying will I loose my clients if I don’t please them around the clock.
I was working tremendous hours a week until I understood it would cause my health.
I started to find ways to slow down.

I had always been a minimalist on a material matter, but my lifestyle, it couldn’t been further of that. I didn’t have time to enjoy my life, do those things that bring me joy, as mountain hiking, reading and cooking.
I had time to travel the world, because it was part of my job (and still is), but I didn’t have time to enjoy those beautiful places I visited.

Though one thing I’d noticed when I was traveling; even with tight schedules I didn’t feel stressed because I could concentrate on one thing at the time and for most importantly:
I often did not have access to web.
I learned that cutting hours spent on web is the best way to reduce stress.
I had automated reply message on my e-mail telling when I will be connected next time. But reading Timothy Ferriss’ book The 4-hour work week  was a real eye-opener, why couldn’t I do the same every day?
Now I have automated reply to tell that I only check my mails twice a week.
– Haven’t hurt any way. That was a surprise.

I finally understood that making valuable business doesn’t need 20 hours work a day, it needs fresh thoughts and that comes with rested brain.
I also stay offline every morning until afternoon, which gives me undisturbed morning hours for creative thinking.
It is not possible to write a blog if the web is disturbing, you cannot concentrate on your text while scrolling through Facebook, so don’t let even your work on social media be an excuse to be always online.

I also started to cut down my duties, left some volunteer work and began to think different business logics to be able to earn my income in less hours than before.
I went back to school to get a diploma on a new field and launched a new company.

Unfortunately that business didn’t develop the way I expected and I needed to give up.
– The skill I had just learned: don’t get stuck on something that only causes you more stress and won’t bring you any joy.

I just returned from a five week trip trekking on the mountains in Balkan.
I had limited my web access to a very short time daily and noticed already after a few days the relief, my blood pressure was stabilizing, I slept very well, all the symptoms that I have had for couple of years, caused by troubles in my work, were gone.

Unfortunately I noticed it also in reverse: I returned back to my home office this weekend and after a first work day in Monday, handling things related to that unsuccessful business I haven’t still been able to get rid off, even a year after leaving, I again lost my sleep and got physical symptoms. Now I am even more certain how important my future plans are, changing my life to be the way I want.

With my minimalism blog I want to share my thoughts to help you to think what is meaningful in your life and how to move towards your dream life.
To find those things really valuable in your life.
To draw a map of your future life and to find your path onto it.

I have published this blog more than a year, but I mostly write in my native language Finnish, so this is sort of my (not so short) introduction in English.
(For my Finnish readers: if you need translation on this, I will help you out! / Suomenkieliset lukijani, jos tarvitsette apua tekstin käännöksessä, kysykää rohkeasti!)

At the moment I am launching, once more, a new start-up company on my original field I am skilled at: Journalism.
But I will not return to a 100-hour work week.

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts and comment my blog.
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